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1620 E Mead St, Spokane WA 99218
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Home-Like Assisted Living in Spokane, WA

Willow Grove Home is a home-like assisted living facility in Spokane, WA. We offer a friendly environment where you and our residents are always treated like family. We are a 20 bed facility, and are capable providing a full range of services for seniors and older adults.

We are located in a quiet residential area in North Spokane in between Division Street and Newport Highway. Our centralized location is near to:
Doctor's Offices
Columbia Medical
9631 N. Nevada #104
Spokane, wa. 99218 483-6449

Rowan Internal Medicine
9631 N. Nevada #300
Spoka... Read more
Rockwood Clinic
9001 N. Country Home Blvd.
Spokane, Wa. 99218 509-744-1700

Providence Clinic/Urgent Care Read more
Spokane Hospitals:
Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center
101 West 8th Ave. Spokane, Wa. 99204 509-474-3131

Providence Holy family Read more
Grocery Stores:
12312 N. Division St.
Spokane, Wa. 99218

Fred Meyer
12120 N. Division St.
Spok... Read more
And Many Other Conveniences
Village Centre Cinemas
12622 N. Division St.
Spokane, Wa. 99218

76 gas station
12310- US 395
Sp... Read more
Willow Grove Home is locally owned, and we have been serving our community for over 12 years.
Willow Grove Home - Assisted Living Facility in Spokane, WA

Our Mission

Our mission here at Willow Grove Home is to provide a home-like setting for our residents and their families: where social, physical, spiritual, emotional, and intellectual needs are first and foremost our priority.