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We always appreciate any and all input from our clients and their families. Below are a few kind words from our clients and their benefactors.
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Words can't express how appreciative we are of the wonderful care you gave our Mother the past year and a half. She was very comfortable here. We wish you all the best. Let us know if we can assist with references in the future.

-J. Wagstaff


Our family wants to thank you for the exemplary care that you extended to our dear Grandfather. He would always tell me that your staff treated him real good. Thank you for treating him with the dignity and respect that he deserved. We will be sure to speak well of Willow Grove; your care, your vigilance over the residents' well-being and your smiles. Many blessings.

- K. Murphy


We want you to know how much we appreciate the wonderful care that you gave my Mother. You helped to give comfort and also our family. You are very special people!

- J. Feffelke


We extend our sincere THANKS to ALL Willow Grove employees, current and past, for the wonderful care and assistance each one of you extended to Mom. She always made comments about nice everyone is.

- F. Harrison


How can I ever begin to thank you for the wonderful care and friendship you showered upon my Mom. She was so happy living at Willow Grove and really felt at home. There are not many words that express just happy I was to have found such a wonderful place for Mom to live and her kitty too. Thank you from the depth of my very soul and heart for all that you did for my Mother. I'll never be able to thank you enough.

- Curt

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